Hong Kong Run High Group

Group headquarters

Hong kong Run high Holdings Limited Incorporated in Hong Kong since 2013,Major professional intensive in mainland China,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Southeast Asia and other investment and retail market investment,Operate,With consulting services,Business coverage:Catering brand operation and planning,Path agent sales,Fast selling brand agency,Own brand development,Fast marketing brand value,Supply chain process improvement and so on,Major customers at home and abroad Well-known restaurant business and business channelsMost of the team partners have more than 10 years working experience in the industry,And served as well-known large-scale retail chain at home and abroad as executives,Experience,Strong execution,Become the industry benchmark enterprises.

Catering service area

Run High Food & Beverage Management(ShenZhen) Limited Since 2014, incorporated in Shenzhen, China,Mainly engaged in tea and bakery chain services to carry out have created the local popular casual dining brand,lead the trend of healthy food.




Retail Services

Wonder Loft Co.,Ltd Mainly focused on the Taiwan market access agent With own brand development services,Service customers all over KA(Key Account)and GT(General Trade),With many years of operating the advantages of Taiwan's consumer access,Effectively enhance the brand value of fast-selling goods and sales performance,Taiwan and become agents and accessPB(Private Brand)Product development leader

ShenZhen Richman Trading LimitedMainly focus on the Chinese mainland market,Engaged in its own brand development business and brand agency business,Customer service range to offline retail chain Catering business and online business-based enterprises.and『Labs』As a symbol of foreign brand development of own brand,To craftsmanship,Focused on quick product product development and supply chain integration,May be driven by the new retail trend,Become a domestic own brand(Private Brand)Service provider's leading brand.